Start with Why

How can you apply this SAVI Principle?

SAVI Principle - Start with Why

I was working with a player that flew in here to train and work on their shot from New York. Here’s the quick video we shot after, you can watch it here.

We spent 20 minutes working on getting to the load position and on load shooting. And when we did that, I found that I had to really keep repeating myself and saying the same thing over, over, like, get load, get load, get load. And he wasn't as intentional, as focused on getting shot loaded as I wanted him to be. So I stopped. I said, Look, do you believe do you see the importance of getting loaded? He's like, No, not really. And then a light bulb lit up, I was telling him to do something that he didn't understand was important. He had no WHY! So we were not making progress. He wasn't responding to the coaching and wasn't seeing the results that he wanted to see. So we had to stop and do a completely different exercise… and it was worth it.

So we did the exercise in the video, then he's like, Oh!

He had focus and he bought into it and yesterday he had one of his best shooting days and really, really improved. That is an example, one of an infinite number of examples of why it's so important to start with WHY!

I also made this Caitlin Clark breakdown of some of the SAVI ways she plays, please enjoy and share it with a player or coach who would benefit!

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Tyler Coston