10 Questions About Your Offense

You're here, let's get better coach.

10 Questions to Make your Offense Better

Get a pen and note book, it’s time you answer.

Are you willing to take a hard look at your season?

I mean really look back and evaluate how well you executed? I believe asking these ten questions will provide clarity for you, whether you ran Race and Space last year or not.

  1. How often did we play in transition and evaluate how do we do where we need to improve?

  2. You can look at your spacing and ask, did we have enough?

  3. How would you rate your shot selection and your role ID?

  4. How well did you attack close outs and advantages?

  5. Look at your actions, did you run the right actions, do we have the right people running our actions?

  6. Look at your zone offense and your zone actions and identify, and ask, do we need to get better? Was that a strength? Was that a weakness? Where are we going to get better?

  7. Look at your shooting system, the system by which you decided who takes shots. How do you make more shots? Did you have the right people taking the right amount of shots and what type of shots were they?

  8. Look at your foul game and identify, did we win or lose the foul game? Are we drawing enough fouls? How can we draw more fouls? Who needs to draw more fouls? How do we teach people to draw more fouls and what situations do we need to draw more fouls?

  9. How did we do in our out-of-bounds baseline, ATO's? What was our efficiency? Dive into the numbers, do you need to change your package? Should you expand it, limit it? Do we spend too much time on it or not enough time on it?

  10. Then finally, how do we address our special situations? How many games were actually decided by special situations, by press breaks in game situations? Fouling up three, not fouling up three. When should we start to pick up the pace? How did we play down at the end of games? How should we change how we play when we're up at the end of games? How impactful was that and how does that fit into our plan?

    If that sounds like good offense, then you’re right, and those are the ten layers of the Race and Space. You want more? Get the app and watch the course.

    Our system is just a checklist, a language, a plan and the best ideas we’ve found on how to execute. You must account for these ten layers of offense somehow, at least now you know how you’re doing.

    We have answers for you, you need to decide what your answers are. And then most importantly, you need the accountability and the community to talk about it and put it into action.

    Most importantly, you have to actually do the work.

The good news is, we’re here to help.

Tyler Coston